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What is DFI all about?

We're talking about the elephant in the room.

What’s the appropriate age for a child to have their own digital devices?

What are acceptable norms for digital consumption?

What’s the future of BYOD within schools?

Your Device Isn't The Problem.

It's how we use it.

Do children know how to use their mobile devices the "right way?"

Do parents know exactly what their children do, on their mobile devices?

Through online and offline education, instructor lead seminars and multi-group training, parents & educators will now become better informed with the answers and actions of what to do and how to react to an ever changing digital landscape in which children are at the epicenter. This is what the Digital Futures Initiative is all about.


Help us close the digital divide between children and parents.

It's time to step up. We want social/digital/technical responsibility to be part of our cultural DNA and not just an FYI.
DFI wants to be in every class from 6th to 12th, moving the needle beyond just talk and into action.


What You Need To Know

October 13, 2016

It Takes a Teacher To Change the World One
‘Big, Messy Problem’ At a Time

High school engineering teacher Frank Holthouse’s classroom would appeal to any sci-fi fan with a knack for tinkering.
October 10, 2016

When Will Devices Replace Parents?

If technology can give us self-driving cars, why can’t it give us self-parenting children?
October 8, 2016

We Have to Leave a Digital Footprint of Good

It’s not that this new digital world is bad, but we all have to have a baseline level of knowledge and understanding on what “that” world is all about.

"The ability to communicate has now been put on hyper speed. And with that speed is accessibility & a new set of “things” that are now associated with this transparent digital world."

- Marc Meyer